Journey of G-Strings

Journey of G-Strings
Where you stand today is a place where you have all the options worth taking a look, it was long back that none of them was available. However, everything has a starting point and that’s exactly where the same changes your life. One such goodness happened to the men’s underwear industry when men’s g-string underwear was introduced to men. Have you wondered where did the sexy underwear style come from? Well, if you don’t, worry not! Below mentioned is the journey of the respective style from where it started and....[Read More]

Sweating Buckets? 6 Ways to deal with it

Sweating actually nature’s way of regulating the temperature of the skin. This is how the skin prevents itself from overheating, removes toxins and maintains the salinity of the body. Despite all the positives, it leaves you with some really embarrassing moments at times. Have you ever humiliation of sweaty handshake, soaking shirt and body odor? A reasonable amount of sweating is important, but it becomes a concern when you start sweating like pigs. Well, worry no more! Try these 6 tips and get control of this prominent problem of summer.....[Read More]

Why Men’s Underwear Styles make the Perfect Gift?

Why Men’s Underwear Styles make the Perfect Gift
Finding the perfect gift for men can be a very tricky task for the options are limited. With all the techie gadgets or useful gifts for the adventurous personalities, men’s underwear is another option that is a win-win situation for you as well as for your man. Though there are numerous things that can go wrong from the wrong size to the choices. When it comes to picking gifts, women take a lot of time in getting the best. If you are planning to give a gift for an upcoming....[Read More]

7 Reasons Why you should Invest in Men’s Pouch Underwear

7 Reasons Why you should Invest in Men’s Pouch Underwear | Good Devil
When you have multiple options to choose from, it is often difficult to make the right selection. Sometimes, people do get too much confused with the availability of numerous options and hence it becomes increasingly difficult to make the appropriate choice. This confusion regarding the selection of the apt underwear can hamper the overall activities of an individual, so it is important to consider the right selection. Although, you can explore other underwear types but selecting just anything would not do any good for you. I would recommend you to....[Read More]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him | Good Devil
From the “I love you” notes to the sweet nothings, every man needs to be told that there’s someone who loves him with all the heart. Why is it that only women are the ones who should be on the receiving end and men on the giving one? Well, this time, let’s try to change things here by giving them something that they’ll appreciate and cherish. Whether he’s a businessman or traveler or even a foodie, a small gift with a smile on your face would brighten his day. You....[Read More]

Men’s Thong Store – How to Choose the Best?

Men’s Thong Store- How to Choose the Best | Good Devil
With the rise of online shopping, you’d see that people avoid going to the brick and mortar shops, and prefer to opt for the laid back experience. You’d see that with time, the number of stores has also gone high with every other person opening up an online store to sell his goods and services. With the others, men’s underwear sector has also seen this change and is adapting all the necessary changes and working accordingly. Have you ever shopped online? Have you ever thought of buying the sexiest thongs....[Read More]

Men’s Pouch Underwear – Avoid Different Problems

Men’s Pouch Underwear - Avoid Different Problems | Good Devil
Have you ever of comfortable underneath fashion? Well, it is probably the sole mantra to live a life that is utmost comfortable and sustainable for the different days, schedules and lifestyles. If you consider having pouch underwear, you must take a look at the various problems that causes harm to the manhood and the adjacent areas. If you still wondering what pouch underwear actually means, you must read below. Men’s pouch underwear is men’s underwear style that offers great support to the manhood and also comes in a variety of....[Read More]

5 Facts about New Year

5 Facts about New Year | Good Devil
People have been celebrating New Year for so many years and following certain traditions that their ancestors have passed on. However, little did they know about the day that is celebrated as the first day of the year. If you are someone who has no clue about New Year, this blog lays out 5 facts about New Year that every man must know. It all started 4000 years back Did you know that it all started around 4000 years back when Julius Caesar announced January 1st as the National holiday?....[Read More]

How to Celebrate Christmas the Old-Fashion Way?

How to Size Your First G-String Underwear | Good Devil
If you’d sit down and look back in the history, you’d find that there are many Christmas traditions that have gradually lost. Why so? The lifestyles changed and so did the traditions and meanings of the various aspects of the holiday. Well, if you still want to celebrate the day with the same old enthusiasm and zest, this is the right place. This blog would take you back in time where celebrations were more joyous and where everyone participated. You can even celebrate the holiday in an old-school way with....[Read More]

Must-Haves for men this Winter

Must-Haves for men this Winter | Good Devil
Winter is coming and we all are quite excited about it. There are numerous reasons to be happy about if you are well prepared for the same but if you aren’t, then you must look for the right options. Winter months bring along the chilly winds, freezing snow and a lot of festive spirits. Being a man, and that a modern man, you need to keep yourself updated with the right fashion statements and trends for a pleasing personality. Festive season calls for a dapper look with the warmth of....[Read More]

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