G-strings: The Attire for the Daring Personality

G-strings: The Attire for the Daring Personality
Every man in this world longs to have an attractive attitude and sex appeal. Well, very few know the fact the overall personality of a person is not determined only by his outer attire. The inner garments also plays a major role in delivering an impressive sex appeal. Yes, you heard it right! Picking out an erotic style of men’s underwear can effortlessly spice your everyday life. One of the examples of such attire is men's g-string which can boost your personality effortlessly. However, many of us feel uncomfortable or....[Read More]

The Perfect Personality Cheat Sheet

The Perfect Personality Cheat Sheet
Donning an impressive personality is one of the crucial steps in today's fast life. Earlier, a person's character and skills were predicted from the resume that he submits to the company. However, now, it is determined by how he presents himself to the interview process. It is because a client, who hires an agency to run his business expects the people to be professional. A professional way of dressing brings out a decent behavior and an attitude of a person. It urges him to bring out the best in him.....[Read More]

Men’s Thong: Fashionable or Functional?

Men's Thong: Fashionable or Functional?
Men's underwear industry has come up with an unbelievable number of styles, patterns, and cuts in the underneath fashion. Thongs, being one of them, is a sexy attire which is doing rounds on every man's wardrobe. With time, they have evolved into a dual purpose attire as well. Some of the characteristic traits of the thongs help us to differentiate in between them. Read on to know more about the styles. 1. Functional thongs a) Their elastic waistbands are more sturdy than the usual ones What do we expect in....[Read More]

6 Reasons that separate Lace Underwear from the Mainstream Undies

What Makes Lace Underwear Different from others
How many of you are aware of the fact that lace is not just a staple for the wardrobe of women anymore, it has even entered men's fashion? Yes, when most men prefer sticking to cotton, some have raised the boundary of their fashion quotient and ventured into the erotic feel of lace. The erotic fabric is now being used in making the underneath articles for men. While the debate of 'Can men wear lace?' is still on, the lace underwear for men are slowly and steady making its way....[Read More]

Redefine your Dad’s wardrobe this Father’s Day

Redefine your Dad's wardrobe this Father's Day
Redefine your Dad's wardrobe this Father's Day A dad is a man who scolds you when you’re wrong, but he is the one who’ll hold you when you cry. He is the one who pushed you to leave your comfort zone and face the harsh side of life, but he was the one who rushed to save you when you were about to fall. You must have asked him this question an ample number of times, “Dad, what have you done for me”? Have you ever wondered what has your....[Read More]

Spectrum of Style Formality

Spectrum of Style Formality
The style is just a matter of instinct. If is very rightly said, “Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it”. Whether you prefer donning the gentlemanly look or laid back street style, there is an etiquette for all sort of dressing. Just following the protocols of style formality is enough to don the edgiest look, regardless of the occasion. Dressing according to the event and choosing the right ensemble for the attire can help you look perfect. Do you know, even the slightest mismatch....[Read More]

Tips to reinvent your Fashion Quotient

Tips to reinvent your Fashion Quotient
What does the runway fashion model to look different from the rest of the crowd? Has this question popped into your mind ever? Well, here’s the answer. They do nothing, but reinvent the trend and add a whimsical flair to the regular style. It may appear unrealistic to you if someone says that looking like a runway fashion model is easy. However, there’s nothing that these models have and you don’t. Looking stylish and dapper is achievable. You just need to make a bit of alteration in your fashion quotient.....[Read More]

6 Pouch Underwear myths debunked

Men's Pouch Underwear | Gooddevil.com
At the time, when most been are going for surgeries and pills in order to add to their assets, men’s pouch underwear is no surprise. In fact, as per recent studies, men are as much willing to add value to their derrieres and assets as the ladies are. This has made the enhancing undies a staple for every man around. However, every innovation and introduction take time for establishing itself. Even these underneath apparel were followed by a lot of stigma and taboos. Some of the myths still prevail in....[Read More]

6 Horrible things that may harm your underneath

Below the Belt Problem
It has been proved time and again that men are not on the top of taking care of themselves. Yet, with changing the time they have become a bit conscious for their look and health. However, despite the rise in conscious, the below the belt issue are one of the most neglected aspects. Most men are still embarrassed in talking about the problems related to your privates. While some of the medical issues are not under our control, there are certain problems that are the result of our lifestyle. For....[Read More]

Debut of Men’s Underwear Styles

Men's Underwear Styles | Gooddevil.com
For most men, this is the first thing that they put on in the morning and probably the last thing that they take off at night. For some, it is the way of pleasing their partner while for others it is much more than intimacy. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about men’s underwear! For most of us, choosing the right pair of undies is what we do first thing in the morning. The underwear collection of men are steadily, but constantly becoming more and more adventurous. Men....[Read More]

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