Men's Jockstraps

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Good Devil offers a wide range of intimate apparels for men ,from Boxers to Thongs and more. They have a line of Jockstraps tailored for guys indulged in sports and laborious activities. Jockstraps can be worn as an athletic wear or just for pleasure.

Today, the jockstraps are not only used as protective garments but are also designed as fashion garments. They also come in different styles and colors to achieve the desired looks. Good Devil is the sexiest brand in men’s underwear industry. The range of jockstraps offered by the brand vary in terms of coverage, cuts and styles. Let’s list out the various styles of Jockstraps at Good Devil.

Horizontal Lines Jockstrap:The Horizontal Lines Jockstrap rest low below the waistline, exposing the tip of the assets. Thin piping waistband for no show of lines. The fabric straps attach to the waistband on the back, giving a lift to the rear. The contoured pouch lifts the crotch up and front to avoid the stuck feeling between the thighs.

Risque Jockstrap: The Risque Jockstrap by Good Devil is sleek and sexy. The piping around the pouch enhances the crotch and places it at the right position. The straps are attached to the waistband on the back and with the pouch on the front, providing better stability.

Net Jockstrap:The Net Jockstrap is more for pleasure purposes. The thin, elastic string hold the net pouch in place. The entire product rest devilishly low on the waistline. With Nylon and Spandex as the basic fabrics, the underwear has the perfect stretch and comfort.

Rotica Sheer Jockstrap:The Good Devil Rotica Sheer Jockstrap is sexy and captivating. The mesh fabric all around with hidden package. The broad strip outlines the thighs and goes all the way to the rear and attach to the waistband. The fabric incorporated has a smooth texture and feels good on the skin.

Sheer Balls Jockstrap:The Sheer Balls Jockstrap is a sexy intimate apparel. The sensuous sheer pouch with polka dots give it a playful look. Tasteful color combinations are available. The bottom straps on the rear are as the same color of the pouch. The black elastic waistband hold the package steady and provides the due comfort.

BallzOut Extreme Jockstrap:Good Devil's Extreme Ballz-Out Jockstrap has a sheer fabric to leave nothing to the imagination. The inner thigh straps give the fantastic feeling of being wrapped in the most intimate places. The crotch is picked up and pushed forward with the lifting technology on this underwear.

Lace Jockstraps:The Lace Jockstrap by Good Devil is crafted for the luxurious feeling of lace on the skin. The semi sheer fabric gives a sneak peek inside. The sexy Jock has a cheeky, sheer silhouette and a contoured pouch. The lace fabric lets the skin breathe and feel comfortable in the underwear.

Good devil promotes the feeling of sexiness underneath the clothes. The Jockstrap assortment by the brand is sexy, faithful and supportive. The inventory has plethora of products suiting your taste. Now is the right time to purchase and stock up your underwear wardrobe.