Men's G-Strings

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G-strings for Men

G-string underwear are considered as an accentuated and sexier version of men’s thong. Named after the g-string of Guitar, this underwear style is one of the skimpiest underneath article available in the market. The signature finishing and craftsmanship of the high-end label, Good Devil, adds to the voluptuousness of the revealing apparel.

The range of Good Devil G-strings is tempting and seductive. G-Strings for men are comfortable, barely there and stylish all the way. Having gained the reputation of being the sexiest brand, the array provides you an opportunity to intensify your sex appeal. From the range of Briefs, Boxer Shorts to Thongs and C-Strings, the designs are stylish and sensuous.

Some of the most popular G-String underwear at Good Devil are listed below.

Good Devil is focused on updating it’s inventory as per the changing trends and taste of modern men. However, some of the best styles available at the brand store includes g-string singlets, Lace G-string, Sheer G-strings, pouch g-strings and many others. Have a look at them.

Lace G-Strings

The devilish cut of men’s g-string and sexy lace is for the wild fantasies of the fashion oriented laborers. The Good Devil Lace G-string is designed with a contoured pouch for maximum enhancement. The unique underwear has elastic strings for the waistband that provides better support and thrust. The thin elastic string is attached to the pouch on the front and to the waistband on the rear.

G-Strings Singlets

Singlets were initially used by wrestlers. Good Devil has fluxed the trend and has crafted this men’s underwear style for your wild fantasies. Black metallic semi open pouch makes it hard to ignore. The erotic rear leaves everything for the show. The suspender pulls manhood and keeps it at an elevated position.

Sheer G-Strings

The Sheer G-string is outrageous and hot. The drop-like pouch is tastefully crafted with sheer fabric. The thin elastic waistband lifts the crotch upfront and has a typical G-string rear. They are available in numerous bright colors.

Open Pouch G-Strings

The tiny G-string by Good Devil is tiny, smooth and extremely sexy. The contoured pouch encircles the package and keeps them together. While the front opening allows your anatomy to hang out freely. The elastic waistband rests low below the waistline.

The Good Devil G-strings are crafted for pleasure. The underneath article is made of high quality material. The fabric blend includes polyester, polyamide, nylon, cotton and other microfibers with a pinch of spandex or elastane. The lightweight and breathable material pampers your manhood

This range is available in multiple colors. From no pouch to mesh pouch, Good Devil has it all. Check out the range of men’s G-string underwear along with C-Strings, Jockstraps, Bikinis, thongs and other erotic styles at Find your style at pocket-friendly prices.