Men's G-Strings

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The range of Good Devil G-strings is tempting and seductive. G-Strings for men are comfortable, barely there and stylish all the way. Good devil is the sexiest brand when we talk about men’s underwear and swimwear. From the range of Briefs, Boxer Shorts to Thongs and C-Strings, the designs are stylish and sensuous.

Some of the most popular G-String underwear at Good Devil are Tri-Lace G-string, Preview G-string, Sheer Side G-strings and many more. Let’s look at some styles of G-string underwear at Good Devil.

Tri-Lace G-Strings: The Good Devil Tri-Lace G-string is designed with a contoured pouch for maximum enhancement. The unique underwear has triple strings for the waistband that provides better support and thrust. The thin elastic string is attached to the pouch on the front and to the waistband on the rear.

Preview G-Strings: The Preview G-string by Good Devil is crafted for fantasies. Black metallic semi open pouch makes it hard to ignore. The erotic rear leaves everything for the show.

Sheer Side G-Strings: The Sheer Side G-string is outrageous and hot. The drop-like pouch is tastefully crafted with sheer sides. The thin elastic waistband lifts the crotch upfront and has a typical G-string rear. They are available in numerous bright colors.

Net Split Back G-Strings: Net Split Back G-string by Good Devil is tiny, smooth and extremely sexy. The contoured pouch with mesh panels cover just the needful on the front. The elastic waistband rests low below the waistline.

Net G-Strings:The Good Devil Net G-strings are crafted for pleasure. The pouch is is made of net-like material with a glossy top. The fabrics used are lightweight and breathable. This range is available in multiple colors.

From no pouch to mesh pouch, Good Devil has it all. Check out the range of C-Strings, Jockstraps, Bikinis, and more at for affordable and sexy men’s underwear.