Bust these 5 Myths about Sexy Underwear

Bust these 5 Myths about Sexy Underwear

As the men’s underwear industry is growing, the number of myths have also seen the myths growing. A few months back, I had also written a blog on the myths about pouch underwear which you can read here and this one is dedicated to the myths about sexy underwear for men.


Myths are all about the assumptions that have been around for quite some time now and are accepted to be the ultimate truth.

Following are some myths that you need to clarify in your head before you go and pick this one for yourself.

Are they even sexy?
Good Devil Jockstrap White

The first thing that men assume are that sexy underwear even sexy? What counts to the sexiness part in the same?
Well, when it comes to sexiness, there are a lot of features that total up to be the solution. For some, the revealing cuts would be sexy and for others the fabric exposure. All you got to do is pick the one that suits your definition from the respective category.

They’re all about exposure

Good Devil Slip Thong WhiteNo, all the hot underwear aren’t very explicit. You would also be able to find bikini underwear with sheer panels or men’s brief with sleek cuts. It is not only about strings and straps that cover barely an inch of skin, but the sex appeal also lies in the color, naughty features as well as the coverage of the fabric and its placement.

They’re for women/aren’t masculine

Good Devil Oriental touch Slip Thong GreyIt is like when you hear the word “sexy”, the very first that comes to one’s mind is “women” or “feminine”. However, that’s absolutely wrong. You need to understand that sexy is term shared equally with both men and women. When you take a look at the collection, you’ll find that the supportive pouches and the enhancing underwear looks are an absolute symbol of manliness.

They’re meant just for pleasure

Good Devil Pleasure Bikini Brief Blue/BlackWhat do you mean by pleasure? For a common man, pleasure would be more about foreplay or be pleasing oneself. However, pleasure is a big term that takes into account the comfort, support, manly feeling, confidence, enhancement and much more. All these features together make it a pleasurable experience for you below the belt.

They aren’t comfortable

Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini Royal Blue/YellowIf you say that male thongs or even g-string underwear aren’t comfortable, it is still understood because they are novelty pairs. However, if you say that your briefs or sheer underwear aren’t comfortable, you need to check your priorities and choices. It is your choices that make a difference in your comfort level. Just give yourself some time and choose the pairs that suit your personality to make that comfort last.

Assumptions need to be clarified and these would do the same for you. If you have any other doubts, do let us know and we’ll help you with the same.

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