New Arrivals By Good Devil

New Arrivals By Good Devil

The recently launched new arrivals by Good Devil are way too hot. I had goosebumps when I came across the brand store and saw the products available in the inventory. Did you check them out? Though the entire catalog is varied, sexy and provocative, the new arrivals are all about revealing, putting forward and being bold about your sensuality.

I will be talking about the various new products by the sexiest men’s underwear brand Good Devil.

Good Devil Intense Thong: Starting from the most subtle one, the Intense Thong by the label is sophisticated at first, but gets naughty when the snap button pouch is let loose. Yes! The innovative pouch of the thong underwear features a slit opening with a snap button on the top that can be opened in times of need. Broader coverage on the sides and the top of the rear; it is surely a treat for the explorer personalities. Made with 91% polyester and 9% spandex, this is surely the right pair.

Good Devil Free Your Desire Slip Thong: Just as the name implies, if you are looking for something that provides freedom to your manhood from the fabric; this is the right product. The erotic and visually outrageous thong is soft to touch as well as tempting by looks. You surely will get lucky if the intention is way beyond conventional.

Good Devil Attractive Desire Slip Bikini: Meant for guys who seek ample seat coverage with some features that provoke exploration in the front, the Attractive Desire Slip Bikini provides just the right coverage in the front with a diagonal U-shaped pouch that reveals yet hides the assets. The rear of the bikini underwear is fully covered for ultimate comfort.

Good Devil Exciting Jockstrap: Again how the name suggests, the Exciting jockstrap tempts, teases and seduces the partner with the see through the pouch and conventionally exposed rear. Know more about sheer underwear here. Made for the special occasions, the nylon/spandex combination appeals to manhood and its comfort.

With these new arrivals, you are surely going to get lucky on your next date. You can even plan a small getaway with your partner to explore the sexy possibilities. Find them at

2 thoughts on “New Arrivals By Good Devil”

  1. I have already tried the other designs except the intense thongs. I have a thong that I bought sometimes back but I haven't tried the new ones yet. No doubt Gooddevils always comes up with something new that is different from what I already have. It is really fun exploring the new designs and styles of the brand. I'll get one for my self as soon as possible.

  2. I'm planning to get a Jockstrap of Gooddevil soon. I just wanted to ask whether I can use them for workouts and other such activities or not. One of my friends was saying that unlike other brands the jockstrap of this brand is not perfect for sport activities. Can anyone please suggest anyother alternative if these jocks are not the ideal ones for gym?

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