5 Top Sexy Costumes For Halloween 2016

Posted on October 12 2016

5 Top Sexy Costumes For Halloween 2016 | Good Devil
Halloween is just around the corner and the preparations have picked up pace. Are you prepared for the occasion? You must have started carving faces on the pumpkins, giving a creepy makeover to your homes and even started ticking the checklist of items that you need this year. Have you planned what you’re going to wear this year? You might have decided that too, but have decided how are you going to celebrate the festival with your partner?

If not, you can feast your eyes with the following top 5 costumes that going to take your intimacy to whole new level this year. Good Devil promises not to let you down when the time comes.

1.Good Devil BadBad Liquid Bronze
Feel like being tamed? Put on your men’s underwear that boasts about being the best when it comes to considering unique options. The Good Devil BadBad Liquid Bronze collection is all about eroticism, exposure (old Good Devil style), and functionality. With a collar for the neck on one end and the pouch on the other, the apparel style is connected with a strap. Not only this, the waistband keeps everything together with no rear fabric. The shiny pouch is more like a cup that covers the assets. Are you ready to spice up things?

2.Good Devil Suspend Pouch
Suspend all the gadgets and focus on the need of the moment with Good Devil Suspend Pouch. You can do a lot than just bringing the focus where it should be. In fact, the sheer underwear fabric of the pair keeps forward your intention to spend more time in building up the action. The polka dots design on the men’s pouch underwear adds to the glamour whereas; the waistband holds the rest. You can feel the smooth butts and use the pair for tanning purposes as well.

3.Good Devil Cross Jockstrap
When you intend to focus on some hardcore action and need the desirable support down there, the Good Devil Cross Jockstrap is what you need. The handsome men’s jockstrap underwear finds ways to show off the tiny winy skin here and there with the help of the straps (both waistband and leg bands). The pouch is the only broad fabric that you’ll find with the straps. On the first look, I felt that it was an octopus with his head being the pouch and the straps as the tentacles. Well, you can’t anything one’s imagination.

4.Good Devil Keep-Me-Hard
Want to get straight to action? The Good Devil Keep-Me-Hard makes sure that when you reveal, your boy is at its best. The minimal construction features a waistband and attached a set of rings that keep the manhood front and forward. The rings have snap buttons to let loose the animal and are comfortable yet strong on the shaft. You just to portray confidence while doing anything and rest will be taken care by the pair.

5.Good Devil Cock-Ball Strap
If you desire minimal coverage everywhere but no compromising on the support, the Good Devil Cock-Ball Strap is what you must try. Holding strong on the shaft and balls as well as the entire sexy pair in its place, the fun element is it hides nothing at all. A broad waistband is attached to a tiny fabric that supports the cock ring as well as the ring that holds the balls high for better visibility.

Well, choose any one from the above and you’re sure to look dapper and have a great time of being naughty or nice with your partner. Experience a whole new level of eroticism this Halloween with Good Devil.


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