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6 Pouch Underwear myths debunked

At the time, when most been are going for surgeries and pills in order to add to their assets, men’s pouch underwear is no surprise. In fact, as per recent...

At the time, when most been are going for surgeries and pills in order to add to their assets, men’s pouch underwear is no surprise. In fact, as per recent studies, men are as much willing to add value to their derrieres and assets as the ladies are. This has made the enhancing undies a staple for every man around. However, every innovation and introduction take time for establishing itself. Even these underneath apparel were followed by a lot of stigma and taboos. Some of the myths still prevail in the society that has restricted most men from using them. Are you the victim of any such misconceptions about pouch underwear? Here are some of the myths debunked for you. Have a look.

Myth 1

Pouch underwear and padded underwear are the same.


Absolutely not. The padded underwear is designed with the inbuilt or removable pads. These undies are made to accentuate the front and back profile of the wear. Some of the padded skivvies are even used to protect male genital during physical activities and sport. However, the pouch underwear has no pads in them. The pouch of these undies are designed with a special technique that lifts the anatomy. The isolation of the privates creates the enhancement.

Myth 2

The underwear actually enhances the bulge.


The anatomical pouch and the elevation that it provides, creates a visibly alluring enhancement. Some of the piece in this category of intimate apparel features an internal drawstring. It bundles the package and lifts it up. The isolation defines the look of your package. Showing off your manhood in the best possible way, the undies accentuates your front profile. Not only this, unlike the padded undies, these skivvies provide a very natural looking bulge. This gives an illusion that makes people think that it actually enhances the manhood.

Myth 3

It is not an ideal option for people of all age group. Only youngsters can use it.


There is absolutely no age limit for wearing anything of this sort. These undies are not far from the mainstream underneath fashion. You will find pouch enhancement in all the underwear style right from the traditional brief underwear to the ultra sexy men’s thong. The only difference is in their pouch design. Hence, you can wear it regardless of your of age and lifestyle. If you are not comfortable in wearing the skimpy styles, then, you can go for the traditional cuts and get the much needed enhancement without compromising comfort.

Myth 4

They lead to low sperm count.


Relating everything to the masculinity is the biggest mistake committed by men. They think that trying anything other than the conventional style would threaten their manliness. The real fact is that the abrasion free pouches actually reduces the risk of infertility. The traditional undies used to keep the manhood close to the body of the wearer. This raised the temperature of the testicles leading to medical issues such as low sperm count. The pouch enhancing underwear keeps the manhood away from the body of the wearer. This balances the heat generation and reduces sweating. Thus, you can wear your style without any such fear.

Myth 5

They may lead to crotch rot.


The sweaty scrotum is one of the key reasons for the crotch rot. Men, in general, sweat more than the ladies. Moreover, the crotch area is generally covered with the double or triple layer of clothing. The combined effect of body results in sweat retention and thus crotch rot. The enhancing contraption keeps the genital away from the body. Some of the undies are even made of sheer and mesh fabric that allows free air flow. Thus, reducing the overall temperature, the underwear reduces sweating and the risk of crotch rot. This is even a solution if you are suffering from the problem of sweating bucket.

Myth 6

They are not a perfect option for everyday use.


Unlike to the common belief, the pouch undies are a perfect option for everyday use. As mentioned in the above points, the underwear provides all the functionality that you would look for in your undergarment. With the added benefit of frontal enhancement, the underneath article with perfect support and ultimate comfort is a perfect option to take care of your underthings.

Is there any question that you have regarding this style of men’s underwear ? Do share with us in the comments below.
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