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6 Reasons that separate Lace Underwear from the Mainstream Undies

How many of you are aware of the fact that lace is not just a staple for the wardrobe of women anymore, it has even entered men's fashion? Yes, when...

How many of you are aware of the fact that lace is not just a staple for the wardrobe of women anymore, it has even entered men's fashion? Yes, when most men prefer sticking to cotton, some have raised the boundary of their fashion quotient and ventured into the erotic feel of lace. The erotic fabric is now being used in making the underneath articles for men. While the debate of 'Can men wear lace?' is still on, the lace underwear for men are slowly and steady making its way into the closet of fashion-oriented laborers.

Lace! Is it a fashion or a fad? This question is still remains unanswered, but it is surely ahead of its contemporary styles of undies. Do you wanna know, how it's different from other skivvies in your collection? Here are some of the reasons in support of this statement. Have a look.

Extremely airy

Men's Sexy Underwear

It need not be mentioned that the flimsy fabric is way too airy than any other material. Even cotton can't beat the comfort that the revealing material offers to the wearer. The pores aid ventilation and allow air circulation. Some men still think that lace is just for women and men shouldn't wear it. In fact, the breezy style of men's underwear is a practical option for keeping the crotch dry. You can't do much to stop sweating. However, the material of these undies wick away the moisture and helps you get rid of the moisture retention.

Sexy as hell

You may think that the lace underwear is way too revealing and men do not need anything of this sort to flaunt their sex appeal. However, you need to try it once in order to experience the difference it brings in your personality. Wearing an underwear that feels so close to your body can give you an erotic sensation. The sensuous feel can effortlessly boost your self-confidence. Adding an alluring flair to your personality, the underneath article can get you ready for the special evening. Lace is considered feminine because of the tender feel, but there is no reason why men should not enjoy the sensuality.

Revealing, yet covers the basic essentials

 Revealing, yet covers the basic essentials

Do you think that the lace underwear is unnecessarily revealing? Not really. The fabric is partially revealing, but still, provides you the coverage where you need it the most. So, you can now galvanize your sensuality with the electrifying apparel without going over-the-top.

Available in various cuts

Men, in general, relate their masculinity with their underwear style. This is the reason why they hesitate in trying anything that is new. The good news is, you need not compromise your masculinity or your choice for trying the lace underwear. Name any style in the intimate category and you'll find it in this category. Right from the traditional boxers and briefs to the sexy cuts of men's thongs or jockstrap underwear, you'll find every undergarment crafted in the see-through fabric. So, whether you're the guy who loves to stay with convention or the fashion fanatic who prefers staying in sync with the current trend, there is something for every sort of personality.

Makes laundry easy

Men's lace underwear

Which is the toughest job for a guy? Doing the laundry for sure! Men would rather wear the same underneath apparel over and over instead of spending hours in cleaning them. If you are that kind-of-a-person, then, here's a solution for you. Men's lace underwear makes laundry a cinch for all the easy-going guys. The lightweight fabric is easy to wash and dry. Just soak the undies in detergent water for 5 minutes and rub it gently. The undergarment will become as good as new in no time. Not only this, the fabric dries easily. Either keep it in sun or under the fan, it will dry within minutes.


With so many positive features, it is for sure a versatile underneath apparel. As mentioned above, the lace undies are available in varied cuts and styles. Thus, you can wear it at any occasion and event. The multi-functional undergarment is not just eye-candy for your partner at the date night, but even a functional option for your workplace. Wear it while you are traveling and the airy fabric will keep you comfy throughout the journey. Or use it as sleepwear and enjoy the breeze flowing in.

Have you ordered your lace underwear yet? If not, then, now is the time.
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