Bring down the Attention with Good Devil Attractive Slip Bikini

Posted on April 14 2016

Good Devil Attractive Slip Bikini
Have you ever gone head over heels for a pair of men’s underwear? I am an underclothing fanatic and Good Devil makes me go out of the box every time there’s a new arrival that comes my way to review. So, I got this skimpy see-thru underwear, which is named as Good Devil Attractive Slip Bikini by the sexiest apparel brand in the industry. From the moment I got a glance of the sexy underwear till I actually slipped into it; it was a wow feeling.

Made from the delightful combination of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex, this men’s bikini underwear is what calls for a limited yet ample amount of stretch to the legs with a lot of comfort, sweat absorption and other features that make it icing on the cake. The cut and exposure of the respective hot underwear is super erotic and laid out on the table. Well, if you intend to put forward your intentions, this is the right pair for your situation.

When you look at the undergarment, the tiny product looks quite unique in terms of cut and design, but when you slip into it you’ll realize that it leaves nothing to the imagination. The coverage or I must say the fabric coverage (because even the fabric doesn’t cover anything) is ample on the front while it covers only 3/4th of the buttocks and leaves the rest--bare.

The design or the function of the pouch is to keep the shaft and balls together, yet away from the thighs. While in the image it looks as if the pouch is small, but once you’ll try it on; you’ll understand that the bulge is the purpose of the design. Hence, it automatically lifts the manhood and makes it visible even in the pants.

What I did not understand in the piece is the tiny, solid patch of fabric available on the front top of the pouch. Though it hides the top of the shaft, but functionally it has nothing to do there.

I was quite satisfied with apparel, but you won’t know until you experience it yourself. This erotic underwear is available at at affordable prices. Do let us know how you felt in the same.


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