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Choosing best Men's Bikini underwear colour according to skin tone

Before you decide which colour to choose, it's better that you know yourself first i.e whether your skin tone falls under warm tone or cool ones. If the veins appear...

Before you decide which colour to choose, it's better that you know yourself first i.e whether your skin tone falls under warm tone or cool ones. If the veins appear green in colour then you have a warm skin tone. If you have veins appearing blue or purple, then you have a cool skin tone and if you are among one of those who can’t judge exactly what kind of vein colour you have then it’s a neutral skin tone, gentlemen.

Another way of identifying the skin tone is through the amount of tan you get. If you tan easily and burn rarely, then the ratio of melanin is more in you which means you have a warm or neutral skin tone. By any chance your skin burns and it doesn’t get tan then the amount of melanin is very less in your body and therefore you have a cooler skin tone. You can also judge through the colour of your eyes. People with ice blue colour eyes are cool skin people and honey brown eyes mean you have warm skin. One can also judge whether you are a warm tone or cool tone person just by looking behind your ear. If you have yellowish skin then you have a warm skin tone. If it's pink or rosy, your skin tone is cool. By holding a white piece of paper near the skin can help you to determine what type of skin colour you have.

Once you have your judgments, now you can easily look for the correct men's bikini underwear colour.

Gooddevil Mens Bikini Underwear

1.Fair/pale skin

If you are born with pale skin and light features then you can purchase men's underwear which is more of hues or something that contrasts with your skin tone as it will help in bringing some colours to your complexion. Being a pale skin man doesn’t mean that you will be disheartened. You can combine dark colours with light colours, for example, you can wear a t-shirt of dark colour and bikini in bright colours or vice versa.

Colours such as green, blue (primary colours) work well. If black is your poison than better you attach with a bright colour. Other colours that must be considered are grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue

2.Olive/Medium skin

One who has brown hair with skin tone which is a bit tanned comes under the category of olive or medium skin. Greens and yellows are not made for them. Pale beige is better than warm sand when it’s about opting light neutrals. You can also look for the bolder shade of purple like magenta instead of mauve. Black and grey will also work for you.

You can combine your black men’s bikini underwear with a grey shirt. It will be a killer look. Don’t choose the colours which are too close to your skin tone. Pistachio, mustard, olive and mocha brown are the shades that won’t do any good for your personality. When you want to go for pastels on pastel then try to choose those shades which are closer to black and not to green.

Gooddevil Mens Bikini Underwear

3.Darker Skin.

Well, people don’t realize the fact that being a dark skin guy is a great thing as per the fashion industry. The reason being, you can try a wide range of colours. So be proud of yourself. Whether its hues or any other shades you can try as much colour as you want. While purchasing men’s underwear bikini, look for designs in bright and energetic colours like orange.

You have the authority of wearing bold, bright colours such as jade green or cobalt blue but always remember to add balance in your outfit so that your personality gets attention.

Colour that is a big no is brown. As pastel shades get camouflage with the pale skin so does brown with dark skin. One can keep black and navy in their wardrobe but it would be great if you try to keep it minimum.

Everyone has their favourite colour and following the above points doesn't mean that one should stop wearing your favourite mens underwear style. Wearing colours according to your skin tone is just to enhance your personality positively. So don't restrict yourself from trying other colours, just start wearing these colours more often.

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