Colors at Good Devil

Posted on March 30 2016

Colors at Good Devil
Good Devil is not very popular for its range of colors because the sexiest men’s underwear brand focuses on sex appeal, exposure, expression and how to keep the attention grabbed. Hence, this blog highlights the not so famous yet admirable color assortment at let us look at the colors available below.

1. Black: The monochromatic shade that is must have for every human being, black is what runs in the Good Devil inventory. Black is loved by all the age groups from teens to the adults and there’s nothing wrong about it. One of the most commonly found shades in the inventory; it represents the authority, sexiness, sophistication and power.

2. White: Another monochromatic shade or a signature color I must say is white. You might connect with the tighty whitey briefs, but the color never goes out of fashion. Purity, peace and neutrality are what the shade stands for and goes well with other solid colors and prints as well.

3. Blue: Blue has many shades; Good Devil likes two of them- turquoise and royal blue. Loved by all the age groups, blue signifies stability, charm, understanding and honesty. The brand abstains from using a lot of color and hence, sticks to the basics. Found in every hot underwear style, blue is a signatory shade.

4. Red: The color of passion, lust and romance; red is definitely a part of the inventory. The brand is all about romantic evenings, love and exposure; how do you think the color would not be a part of the same. It is also believed that once one slips into red colored thong underwear for men or any other style with high sex appeal; it is obvious that you’re action oriented with a deep need of physical fulfillment through the five senses. Ooh! That’s getting hot! Now you know why people wear red on Valentines.

5. Pink: The lightest shade of pink is what the brand incorporates in its inventory. The color is mostly related with femininity, but the brand brings out the masculine you from the revealing erotic underwear. This pastel is to be playful, naughty, or even when the idea is just to attract attention.

6. Orange: A clear representation of modish style appeal and free-spirited souls, orange is not very common in the assortments except for some categories. It adds a splash of spunk to your intimate clothing.

These are a few colors available in the Good Devil catalog for your easy search. Check out your favorite shade and bag it now.


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