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Debut of Men's Underwear Styles

For most men, this is the first thing that they put on in the morning and probably the last thing that they take off at night. For some, it is...

For most men, this is the first thing that they put on in the morning and probably the last thing that they take off at night. For some, it is the way of pleasing their partner while for others it is much more than intimacy. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about men’s underwear!

For most of us, choosing the right pair of undies is what we do first thing in the morning. The underwear collection of men are steadily, but constantly becoming more and more adventurous. Men these days like underwear that has style, sex appeal and a flair that can boost their self-confidence. This is the reason why men’s underwear industry has become the home of some of the sexiest undies that even the ladies have not witnessed.

The market is flooded with the conventional cuts coupled with the exotic styles like mesh, sheer and even enhancing techniques. However, this is not how it all started. This category of male clothing has seen as much transitions as any other industry. Here’s a video that can give you a glimpse into the way the undergarments have changed over time and how underneath fashion has shown development.


Throughout the clip, the young woman not only shows off a different type of underwear for every era covered, but is also made up with make-up, hairstyles and props to further typify the historical moments.

The write up has compiled the transitions as described in the video and the reasons that led to these changes. Along with the past and present of the underwear style, the blog has even summarized the future of the same according to the change in demand and taste of men.



Taking you back to 1352 BC, the lady starts off by wearing loincloth that was the first underneath apparel ever worn by humans. The very first modern style of underwear, that is, boxer shorts was designed in the year 1920. It was a replacement of the trunks that was originally used by boxers of that time. This style will very soon complete a century, yet it still occupies a place in the wardrobe of men.

Men's Brief Underwear

10 years later, this was followed by the introduction of men’s brief that was inspired by bathing suits spotted in French Riviera. This underwear style met high fashion for men with designer briefs in 1970.

Men's Boxer Brief Underwear

Later in 1990, boxer briefs were introduced that has the positives of both the world. The form-fitting style of briefs and the comfort of boxers.

Men's Sexy Underwear

This video has skipped one phase of men’s underneath fashion that holds a very position in the timeline. This is the time span between 1940-1980. This was the phase when the sexiest undies like men’s bikini, thong and g-string came into existence.

What’s interesting to note is the change in the taste of men with time. Here’s what I’ve observed.

Men's Underwear

The underneath article was just considered a scrap of fabric to cover the bare essential of the wearer.

The requirement later switched to comfort. The male population wanted something that would spare them from adjusting themselves in public. The complete coverage of boxer shorts was not enough as the support was lacking.

Briefs came into existence that hugged the body of the wearer snugly. The introduction of designer briefs showcases the demand for a much more appealing apparel.

However, the sexy bikinis and men’s thongs failed to gain popularity because of certain stereotypes and taboos that came along. Boxer briefs was one option that provided the blend of style and comfort.


The next phase of the transition is more interesting. The history is very curious and carries the lesson forward. The modern male population is not ready to compromise with any of the parameters when it comes to selecting the underneath articles. This was the reason for a lot of modern underwear styles gaining popularity.

Men's Thong Underwear

The various styles of undies like men’s thong, g-strings, bikinis and others which failed to grab the attention earlier have found a place in the closet of all style conscious men. Taking the sex appeal to the next level, these apparel never compromises with comfort and support. As per a survey conducted by Erogenos, fabric, brand, comfort and fit were some of the factors that a person looks for in his underwear other than sex appeal.

Underwear Factors

Keeping this aspect in mind, the undies these days are made of high end fabric that adds to the breathability. The baggy underneath apparels are long gone. The new ones hug the body of the wearer snugly and provide the perfect fit.

Another main feature of underwear design these days is the enhancing pouch effect. The pouch underwear has been specially designed for the uniqueness and variability of the male anatomy. The form fitting design’s comfort and the upfront pouch look created a stir in the year 2008 and have been a staple since then.

It won’t be wrong to state that the present day’s men’s underwear caters to every need and requirement of the male population.


The Underwear Expert has predicted the future of underwear industry for men. According to them, “Fabrics are becoming very advanced, very quickly. Some of the brands are making high performance fabrics with moisture wicking abilities a priority, which speaks to the importance of smart and fast-drying fabric in the underwear industry”.

Men's Skimpy Underwear

Along with this, the future undies are expected to become skimpier and even more revealing. Probably, the see-through styles of lace underwear, sheer and mesh underwear will become a staple in every wardrobe. The taste of men is not just confined to sex appeal. Functionality  is other key issue. So, despite the sexy look, the focus will be on making anatomical pouch that supports and accentuates the personality of the wearer.

What are your views about the transitions that the underneath articles have seen? What styles of underwear do you want in the future? Do share with us in the comments below.
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