Men's Thong: Fashionable or Functional?

Posted on June 30 2017

Men's Thong: Fashionable or Functional?
Men's underwear industry has come up with an unbelievable number of styles, patterns, and cuts in the underneath fashion. Thongs, being one of them, is a sexy attire which is doing rounds on every man's wardrobe. With time, they have evolved into a dual purpose attire as well. Some of the characteristic traits of the thongs help us to differentiate in between them. Read on to know more about the styles.

1. Functional thongs

a) Their elastic waistbands are more sturdy than the usual ones

What do we expect in a functional attire? They should hold everything in place without allowing any dangling feeling down there. This is established only if the waistband stays firm on the waist. A thong is called as functional if it satisfies the above quality.

b) The pouch is supportive

The pouches in the former category are structural in shape which envelopes the genitals. This helps to present an impressive front profile below the belt.

c) The fabric incorporated promises comfort and stretchability down there

The attires are made out of cotton, nylon and other supporting fabrics. They also include a fusion of spandex or LYCRA which ensures stretchability and comfort down there. The combinations keeps you away from chafing, rashes and getting yourself hurt while indulging in sporty games or workouts.

Let us consider the Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip thong. It comprises of a structural pouch at the front that keeps the junk together to avoid the dangling feeling down there. The fabric incorporated here is sheer that allows ample breathability to the assets.

Good Devil Oriental Touch Slip Thong

This can keep your assets dry and airy during a hot sunny day. Coming to fabrics, this men’s underwear is a fusion of 89.55% Nylon 10.45% Spandex which ensures the best of stretch and comfort.

2. Fashionable thongs

Most of the fashionable attires are specially crafted for intimate affairs. So, to make them look more attractive, the waistbands in the second category are crafted with flimsy and lacy fabrics that stays soft on the body.

a) The pouch is more appealing rather than being supportive

Since these are concentrated more on the intimacy so, the pouch is less supportive than the former style.

b) The fabric incorporated here makes it a must attire for date nights

The fabric incorporated in this style of men's underwear is more of a see-through type. For example, sheer, mesh and lace are gauzy which allows a glimpse of the naughtiness hidden behind the fabric. Donning them for special nights can leave your partner perplexed for the night.

Let us consider the Good Devil Role Playing Slip thong which is one of the most practically fashionable underneath article for men. The sheer fabric incorporated here envelopes your manhood in the most appealing way. The see-through fabric can raise the temperature of the intimate affairs as it allows a glimpse of something which is hidden behind the fabric. The fabric used here is a fusion of 85% nylon and 15% spandex that ensures ultimate comfort and limited stretch down there.This also allows a peep through of your naughtiness from the sexy cuts above.

 Good Devil Role Playing Slip thong

Apart from the above differentiation, some of the above respective styles are dual purpose which makes them popular among the men’s population.

The Good Devil Zoom Thong comes with a zoom feature that presents an impressive front profile. The subtle lift offered by these can boost a flare of confidence in your personality without going over-the-board. The vivacious option can be donned on everyday basis as well as for he special occasions and date nights.

Good Devil Zoom Thong

Above are some of the points that differentiate the fashionable and functional thongs. Grab these from the online stores of to enjoy the maximum benefits of the above respective style.


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