The Perfect Personality Cheat Sheet

Posted on July 07 2017

The Perfect Personality Cheat Sheet|Choose a proper attire|Choose a proper attire|Accessories|Accessories|Good Fit|Shoes|Smell Good|Groom Yourself|Keep yourself updated|Respect what the other person has to say|Keep a positive attitude
Donning an impressive personality is one of the crucial steps in today's fast life. Earlier, a person's character and skills were predicted from the resume that he submits to the company. However, now, it is determined by how he presents himself to the interview process. It is because a client, who hires an agency to run his business expects the people to be professional. A professional way of dressing brings out a decent behavior and an attitude of a person. It urges him to bring out the best in him. So, how to obtain the perfect look? Read on the below blog to find out.

1. Choose a proper attire

This is the most important thing of the whole process. Ensure to choose an outfit that complements your body and complexion as well. For instance, a contrasting combination can be a good option. Blazers refines your look, but it depends on the occasion. For example, if it is an interview, then, you can skip it. If it is an important meeting at the office then, you can opt for a well-tailored suit.

Choose a proper attire Choose a proper attire

2. Accessories are important

Your body language determines the confidence level in you. This involves a lot of hand movement which calls for classy accessories. Cuff-links, watches are some of them which can help you out. Ensure that the cuff-link matches the color of your shirt. Avoid shiny and flashy ones as they do not portray a professional look instead, use a subtle one.


3. Opt for a good fit

A good fit accentuates your well-toned body. It gives an impression of a handsome hulk. Single out for clothes that are well-tailored. Make sure that they are ironed as well as the wrinkled ones can spoil the appeal.

Good Fit

4. Polish your shoes

This is a general rule, however, by the time you reach the office, they tend to get dirty. Keep a handy brush or a sponge in your car to make them shiny instantly. Apart from that, make sure that the shoe color matches with the belt color. This presents an overall neat appeal.


5. Smell good

Perfume is an obvious thing but strong ones are strongly discouraged as it gives a headache to the people around you. So, set out for a fragrance that is soothing and pleasant.

Smell Good

6. Concentrate on the inner garments as well

Opt for a good men's underwear that can project the perfect bulge below the belt. Some of the men's pouch underwear does the job for you. Some of them also come with a enhancing technology that raises your genitals and keeps them in place to present an impressive front profile down there.

7. Groom yourself

Groom yourself properly. A neat and clean appearance will help you win the first battle. So, dress well and come out with flying colors.

Groom Yourself

Apart from the above dressing tips, some of the behavioral tips can also help you.

a. Keep yourself updated

Read more and keep yourself updated on what is happening around. The person who sounds intelligent leaves a lasting impression on others. The managers get an impression that you are capable of doing better than the others because you are more updated when compared to others.

Keep yourself updated

b. Respect what the other person has to say

You could be the most talented person in the room, but you need to stay modest as well. Give due respect others, regardless of the position they hold at the workplace. It allows you to stick to your position and promotes your post as well.

Respect what the other person has to say

c. Keep a positive attitude

You will find a lot of negativity around you, but you will have to keeps a positive attitude. keep a distance from all the negativity by keeping yourself busy. Learn new skills and brush up the things in which you are already good at.

Keep a positive attitudeAbove is the cheat sheet to an impressive personality. Hope it helps you out.


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