Questions You Need To Ask To Keep It Healthy Down There

Posted on September 22 2016

Questions You Need To Ask To Keep It Healthy Down There | Good Devil
Whether you believe it or not, agree to it or not, men’s underwear is an integral part of your men’s clothing articles and deserves a respective place in your top drawer. The availability of the product come in all sizes, colors, styles, patterns, cuts, fabrics, designs and shapes. Some men have one of every style whereas; there are men who have 100s of the same style.

Investing dollars and dollars on such innovative and delicate pieces, there’s a lot that we don’t ask when it comes to sexy underwear. What questions can they be?

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog. Oh yes! We’ll talk about the various questions that might sound embarrassing but are important to ask.

1.Can men’s underwear be worn on the second day?

You might have read in numerous articles and write ups that wearing the same pair on the second day can increase the chances of bacterial or fungal infection in your privates. However, the good news is that if you don’t find any fluid secretion or tiny visible particles on the inner surface of the pouch, you can wear it the next day too.

2.Does fabric count below the belt?

I would just say yes and then you can follow up all the other blogs I have written with the fabric being the focus. So, if you are unwell or prone to getting unwell or even if you have rashes, sore, cuts and more. You must be careful of what goes inside your pants. It is okay if you wear cotton bikinis or briefs, but wearing fancy fabric made thong underwear for men, you need to be careful.

3.Do briefs cause infertility and boxer briefs don’t?

Well, this question might not be embarrassing but surely is irritating and has not been clearly answered till now. First thing, briefs do not cause infertility, it is the tight fit or the wrong size of underwear which does. Secondly, if boxer briefs also have a tight fit, they’ll too cause infertility.

4.Can thongs be worn to the gym?

I wouldn’t say that they can’t but I wouldn’t say yes either. Why so? Well, thongs are conventionally made for pleasure purposes and feature a design with cuts that reveal a lot. However, there are products which can be worn as sporty pieces whereas; others cannot. Sheer underwear cannot be worn as workout wear while the breathable ones can opt.

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