A Quick Synopsis of Thongs

Posted on August 04 2017

A Quick Synopsis of Thongs|Office Wear|Picnic
The men’s thong underwear has managed to grab a place, both in wardrobe and hearts of thousands of males all around the world. With the development of e-commerce websites, there is no need to check the retail and mortar stores as they can be a bit embarrassing. With the emergence of online shopping, this problem has been solved which also has much better options as well.

Right from the invention of the style in the men’s underwear industry, the attire has managed to be on the top scale when it comes to popularity. Have you ever wondered the reason behind the popularity of the style? Many men who have adopted the respective men’s underwear claim it to be really comfortable and pleasing while the others find them to be obscene. However, apart from the skimpy structure, they are very functional in terms of support and enhancement. This blog talks about the various aspects of thongs that the first time wearers should be aware of.

Why people prefer thongs in spite of plenty of other cozy attires in the stockpile?

Thong underwear for men has attractive perks when compared to the other styles. Below listed are some of them.

    1. Comfort

    1. Sex appeal

    1. Stylish

    1. Convenient

    1. Exposure

    1. Confidence

    1. Enhancement

    1. Sensuality

    1. Prevent underwear lines

    1. Freedom

Good Devil Oriental touch Slip Thong Grey

How does it look?

The construction of the above sexy piece includes a narrow piece of fabric at the front that may or may not cover the male anatomy while a strap/string passes through the butt crack to connect to the waistband at the back. The thickness of the band depends on the construction and brand.

Good Devil Thong Black

Are there any varieties of thongs?

Yes, thongs do have varieties in them. They are supposed to be conventional, however, you will find a number of variants that look like the traditional pair.

1. G-strings

G-strings are one of the exciting ways to go minimal with any kind of outfits. They are skimpy in structure that was originally worn by exotic dancers. However, now it has gained an immense popularity among the men due to its sexy appeal.

2. Cheeky Thongs

Some of the above styles include a cheeky cut at the back that allows you to flaunt the butt cheeks. This allows a rounder and plumper appeal to the butts.

3. Micro Thongs

These come under the exotic underwear category that features a back just like the conventional thongs while the front structure and the cuts can be skimpier than the former ones.

4. T-back

T-back has a V-shaped pouch to cover the privates. A string passes between the legs and attaches to the waistband at the back.

5. C-string

Men’s C-string is the most daring of all the above. A band tucks in between the butt crack without any support. The pouch at the front is like a funnel that envelopes the manhood and leaves the rest to the imagination.

6. Tanga

Tanga, also known as Brazilian cut, rides low on the waist which ensures to cover more flesh on both the sides. The cuts on the sides are extremely high that adds to the sexiness.

Who can wear thongs?

Usually, I've heard people saying that only daring personalities can don them. But, according to me, anyone can wear thongs because it just takes a little courage to sport them outside and patience to get adjusted to the style.

Good Devil Sensualidad Slip Thong Black

When can they be worn?

Below listed are some of the occasions you can don the style.

    1. Date nights(skimpiness of the attires can raise the temperature of the room) http://mommysavers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/IMG_9052-1.jpg

    1. Office Wear ( The same skimpiness can also allow a good breathability to the assets).Office Wear

    1. Any outings like picnics, clubbing, movies or any thing.Picnic

So, in short, you can wear the style anywhere or anytime you like.

Above are some of the points that brushes up the knowledge on thongs. If you feel that something has been missed then, please leave your comments on the section below.


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