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Redefine your Dad's wardrobe this Father's Day

Redefine your Dad's wardrobe this Father's Day A dad is a man who scolds you when you’re wrong, but he is the one who’ll hold you when you cry. He...

Redefine your Dad's wardrobe this Father's Day

A dad is a man who scolds you when you’re wrong, but he is the one who’ll hold you when you cry. He is the one who pushed you to leave your comfort zone and face the harsh side of life, but he was the one who rushed to save you when you were about to fall. You must have asked him this question an ample number of times, “Dad, what have you done for me”? Have you ever wondered what has your life been without his guidance? He was there as a mentor in every ups and downs of your life. Now, this is your turn to hold his hand and introduce him to the changing trends and the new era.

Make this Father’s Day special for your dad by changing his wardrobe. The write up has compiled some of the ways by which you can give a dapper look to your dad without pushing him way too much.

1. Know his fit

Know his fit

Is your dad still obsessed with the loose fit suit and baggy trousers? Well, it is time for a change. Try and get his actual size. You can get the entire set of clothing right from the shirt, trouser to suit. Get it tailored appropriately. Make sure that it is neither too tight nor very loose.

2. Go for the unused shades

Go for the unused shades

Enough of the classic black, white and grey! He has enough of them in his stock and it is now time for him to revamp his style. You can get some other colors for him this year. The subtle shades of Turquoise, Violet, lavender, purple and even pink will trigger his taste bud as well as personality. Consider his skin tone while choosing the color. You can even go for the shirts with check patterns. Make sure that mix and match the attire properly. The conventional combination of dark and light is the simplest option if you think he won’t like it. He’ll definitely love the light shirt paired with dark trouser and suit.

3. Wristwatch


A classic style of time piece is a must to complete the wardrobe of the gentleman. The leather clad watches are the most commonly used accessory by men of that era. However, the idea is to rejuvenate his style statement with a touch of modern fashion. The wristwatch with big dials crafted in the stainless steel is perfect options. Silver steel is common, so, you can go for the bronze or black metal watches. Remember to match it with the clothing that you’re buying for him.

4. Dapper footwear

Dapper Shoes

The formal black shoes is a staple for every gentleman. He already has a number of pairs of Oxford shoes in his collection. You can still add an edge to his style. All you have to do is to add a hint of contemporary fashion. The lace up formal shoes is something that can effortlessly give him an edgy over all his peer-group.

5. Underneath article

Good Devil Bikini Brief Red/Grey

Are you thinking that replacing his favorite boxers with the modern styles of men’s underwear is way too much and he won’t approve for the same? Well, you need not worry. There are a number of undies available that are skimpier than the usual undies, but still subtle. Some of the styles like men’s brief, and even bikinis for men will redefine his underneath style without compromising his comfort.

6. Grooming kit

Grooming Kit

He was the one who taught you how to shave and trim your beards. It is now time for you make his work easier. Buy a shaving kit and introduce him to the new innovations. Gift an automatic trimmer and the branded razor, shaving cream as well as aftershave lotions. Make sure that the grooming kit includes the basic necessities such as a soothing cologne for men and the things of this sort.

He is the man who has spent almost his entire life to make your life easy. So, take some time out of your busy schedule this year and this Father’s Day memorable, not only for him, but for you as well.
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