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Seven Shocking Facts About Male Underwear

Here in this blog you will know the amazing facts about the mens underwear. Male underwear  transform your personality and gives you exciting look as well. In this post you...

Men have been wearing male underwear since they wear born it's just, earlier it was in form of loincloth and gradually with time it transformed itself from loincloth to brief underwear and so on, still you have no clue when did your underwear for men came into existence or which style came first. That's not done. In any case, what might intrigue you are the realities that will assist you with getting them with no uncertainties and buts. Subsequently, we incorporated a couple of realities that you should know being a male underwear owner.

  1. First and the most shocking fact, which you ever heard about male underwear is that in prehistoric times, loincloths were the ones which were used by Prehistoric male to cover and protect their male genitals. Loincloths. In that era, people were not familiar with different types of fabrics or we can say that people didn't have the choice to pick fabric according to their wish hence loincloth was crafted in a single material that was held by a belt. Loincloths were around as long as 7000 years ago.

    Good Devil GDE037 Jockstrap
    1. In those times, leather was the one which was used for making loincloths. With time, a lot of things started changing for example, the industrial revolution came into existence which introduced machinery to mankind. With the invention of machinery, crafting male underwear became easier and hence male population got their briefs, bikini or thongs. Designers like Calvin Klein turned underwear into a trend.

    2. You might not be aware with a fact that your relationship status does have a huge impact on your underwear habits. Studies have revealed the fact that married men change their underwear twice as compared to bachelor men. The reason is simple, there is no one to stop single men to wear the same pair of underwear for several days and they try to get as much life out of it as possible before throwing it into the laundry whereas men who live with their partners can depend on their partners for doing laundry.
      Good Devil GDL028 Web G-String
    3. Though the industrial revolution happened between 1760 to 1840 still major development in the lingerie industry happened in the year 1950. Gradually with time, creation of spandex and rayon made many styles possible of male underwear possible. Fabric such as spandex introduced the concept of "stretchability and flexibility" in lingerie. Another reason for thanking the 1950s era, it gave birth to bikini brief. Bikini brief underwear for men became highly popular among people due to its new cut and style.

    4. Studies have revealed that men prefer wearing briefs more often. 41% of men choose brief including the bikini cut brief over any other style of underwear including the bikini cut brief, 7% of men prefer boxers and 32% wear thong underwear for men. If we talk about women, 37% prefer wearing bikini brief, 23% likes to wear brief, 19% like to dress in thongs and 17% are more inclined towards boyshorts and 4% prefer other styles of lingerie.

    5. This fact is more gross instead of shocking. According to a survey only 60% of men like to change their underwear on a daily basis. Well, French women were a little bit better at 75%. Speaking about British men, they are better than French men. They change their male lingerie more often than French men or women at 78%, but even they lagged well behind British women with 95% changing their men's underwear each morning. The ratio of Americans falls in between the British and the French. A 2011 survey by Clorox found that nearly 15% of men wear their underwear two to three times between washes.
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      1. The 1920s and 1930s acquainted significant changes with the clothing market. The "flappers" of the 1920s began wearing beautiful and then some "suggestive" underwear. These advanced into the garments we at present call "lingerie".

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