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Spectrum of Style Formality

The style is just a matter of instinct. If is very rightly said, “Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it”. Whether you prefer donning...

The style is just a matter of instinct. If is very rightly said, “Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it”. Whether you prefer donning the gentlemanly look or laid back street style, there is an etiquette for all sort of dressing. Just following the protocols of style formality is enough to don the edgiest look, regardless of the occasion. Dressing according to the event and choosing the right ensemble for the attire can help you look perfect. Do you know, even the slightest mismatch can break the entire look? There are basically three different looks for a man, that is, formal, semi-formal and casuals. Here are some of the tips for all the various looks that can help you get the bang on appearance.

1. Formal

The formal look is the trickiest of all for men. The art of sophistication is what you need to learn, in order to carry the tuxedo. In fact, tuxedo is not the only formals, even the office attire comes in this category. A bit of laid back attitude is acceptable when it comes to men’s styling and casual appearance, but not in the formals. Everything has to be perfect. Here are some of the tips to help you look dapper in the strict dressing.

Man in Formal

Tip 1

The very first thing that you need to consider is the striking the right combination. The shade of the shirt and the trouser should be contrasting. This is the safest option for donning formal the perfect way. Here’s a color chart that can help you sort your clothes.

Contrasting Colors

Even in the case of prints, it is better to go with the contrasting combination. For instance, if your shirt features stripe patterns and dressy styles, then, your trouser should be of solid color. Black is the classic and the most versatile option. On contrary, you can go with the subtle stripe patterned trouser with the solid colored shirts.

Check & Patterns

Keeping it tonal is also a good idea. Using the same color family like light blue check shirt with dark blue trouser can give you an alluring combination.

Tip 2

The right fit is the key to having the perfect look. Make sure that attire fits you well. However, there is a difference between a well-tailored and body hugging fit. Know your size and body-type and get the attire tailored accordingly. Most men take good care of the fitting of their shirt and suit, but ignore the size of the trouser. The length of the pant should end right above the shoes. The sleeves of the suit should end just before your palms, so that, the cuffs of the shirt is visible.

Tip 3

Plates in the trouser is an old school fashion. Even if there are plates, then, it should be subtle and less visible. The seamless pants are the perfect option for the formal occasion. Even your undergarment should be seamless. Since, the trouser fits you well, so, there is a possibility of visible underwear line is greater. The skimpy style of men’s thong or even the men’s see-through underwear made of flimsy sheer is ideal for this clothing style.

Accessories play a very vital role in the professional look. Tie, cufflinks, a pocket square can add to the style. Other than this, an elegant wristwatch is a must-have. The ensemble should be subtle and trendy.

2. Casual

The casual attire is easier to pull off. However, too many options and colors to look different is one mistake that most men commit. Keep the entire look slim fit, but neutral. Blue jeans is a staple for smart casuals. Here are some of the things that you need to consider for the laid back look.

Man in Casuals

Tip 1

The loose fit tees are funky, but are not in fashion anymore. This era is much concerned with elegance and sophistication. Just like the formal wear, the casuals should also fit you perfectly. Avoid wearing skinny and super tight clothing.

Tip 2

The shade of the jeans and t-shirts should be less intense. Other than this, slogan tees and jazzy prints should be avoided.

Tip 3

Even though, the causal appearance provides you the freedom to explore, it is important to dress according to the event. For instance, the dress shirt can give you a dapper look for the beach outing, but it will look out of the place at parties and get-togethers. So, remember to choose the attire according to the occasion.

Tip 4

Footwear like flip-flops are casual, but not an apt option for every event. Choose the right pair of shoes to be paired with the clothing.

3. Semi-formals

This dressing style is the best way to leave an everlasting impression. Whether you’re heading for an office dinner invitation or for ‘Casual Friday’ at the workplace, the semi-formal will go for all the occasion. Here’s how you can pull off the look.

Man in Semi-formals

Tip 1

Tee up your suit and you’ll effortlessly turn heads. There is a slight difference between the laid back and semi-formal look. Do not wear a tux or the slogan tees with rugged jeans for a semi-formal event. Pairing the light colored blazer with a dress shirt or solid tee is perfect and the safest option.

Tip 2

Keeping it subtle and hitting the right note between the strict formal and street style is the key. However, make sure that you’re not underdressed. Do not fear about being overdressed. With the right ensemble, the chances of going wrong are minimal.

Tip 3

You need not go for the formal shoes for this look. The sneakers and loafers paired with the attire are ideal. Make sure that the clothes well-ironed and fresh. You can ditch the accessories such as a tie, pocket squares, and others. However, remember to pair a dress watch with the attire. It effortlessly completes the look.

Are you all set to grab attention at the various occasions? Drop us a comment in the section below.
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