Sweating Buckets? 6 Ways to deal with it

Posted on April 03 2017

Sweating Buckets? 6 Ways to deal with it
Sweating actually nature’s way of regulating the temperature of the skin. This is how the skin prevents itself from overheating, removes toxins and maintains the salinity of the body. Despite all the positives, it leaves you with some really embarrassing moments at times. Have you ever humiliation of sweaty handshake, soaking shirt and body odor? A reasonable amount of sweating is important, but it becomes a concern when you start sweating like pigs. Well, worry no more! Try these 6 tips and get control of this prominent problem of summer.

1. Swipe on antiperspirant

Man Using Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant work by blocking the sweat gland. Use clinically proven product only. Apply it on the part of the body where you sweat more. Hyperhydrosis is a condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating, in excess that is required for temperature regulation. For those suffering from this condition, can use strong antiperspirants.

2. Cut out the intake of caffeine and junk food

What you eat and drink contributes a lot to the sweat secretion. The heat is another reason for the same. Coffee contains a stimulant known as caffeine that activates your sweat your sweat gland. So, cut out the intake of caffeine or coffee as much as possible. Hot sauce and spicy food may trigger your taste bud, but is not-so-comfortable for your sweat glands as they activate your neurotransmitters as well. So, control your diet. Drinking like a fish is fun, but the alcohol comes out of your pores after the night of indulgence. So, if possible avoid drinking too much of alcohol.

3. Wear lightweight and airy clothes

Man in Lightweight and Airy Clothes

Sweat retention is a bigger problem. So, check the fabric of clothes before buying them. The heat of summer calls for attire crafted in cotton, nylon, linen and other lightweight as well as airy fabric. Remember to wear light-colored clothes only. Colors like white, peach, grey and even pink reflects light and heat while the darker ones reflect them. Same goes true with your crotch area. The groin has a concentration of sweat glands, but you should not glide  antiperspirant in this area. Wear a cozy and airy style of men’s underwear. Sometimes, the sexy cuts of g-string underwear or men’s bikini can help wick away the moisture and keep you cool down there.

4. Loose some weight

Loose some weight

The amount of body fat can contribute to the sweat secretion. The higher amount of fat insulates your body and traps the heat. This heat is released in the form of excessive sweat. Moreover, it is even a sign of burning at. Follow a healthy diet regime and do some physical exercise. Controlling the body weight is the best way to deal with such issues.

5. Don’t stress

The unwanted stress that makes this problem just worse. You must have noticed the sweaty palm and armpits during important meetings or other stressful occasions. So, trick your body out of the panic mood. Take some deep breath at times of anxiety and take it easy. Meditation is another way to handle the stresses and worries of life. Prepare yourself to focus on the moment and relax.

6. Remove the forest

Removing or shortening underarm and chest hair moderating your body temperature, thereby keeping you cooler under your clothes. The hair in the groins traps the moisture leading to manhood odor. So, remove the forest below the belt.

Hope these suggestions were helpful for you! Do you have any other way to trick this prominent problem of summers? Do share in the comment below.


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