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Thinking of Underwear for Men? Know more

To know the interesting facts about mens underwear read the whole blog and you will get to know the evolution of the mens underwear style. Read the ten most interesting...

Men's underwear has not generally been worn and the styles have changed ordinarily as the years progressed (however many may contend that going from undergarments the thongs have nearly taken us round trip). We should investigate some fascinating reality about those things of apparel the majority of us wear, yet relatively few discussions about.

1.Do you know?

On an average British woman owns a pair of 34 underwear, 21 pairs by American women and  Men own an average of five to eight.15% of women own underwear which is five to ten years old whereas 10% of men goes for the underwear that lasts longer. Men invest in practical underwear rather than those which are aesthetically appealing.

2.Do you know?

The “flappers” of the 1920s started wearing decorative and more “risque” underwear which are known as lingerie today.

3.Do you know?

In year 1950s, major changes took place in the underwear market and creation of spandex and rayon was one of them. Different styles of men's underwear based out of these fabrics took place. Not only styles but even the concepts were developed. Well, it was the first time the perspective of people towards underwear was changing, it was becoming more expressive and not just pragmatic.

4.Did you know?

Bikini brief underwear for men was born in the year 1950 after getting inspired by the Pacific Islands. Bikini brief for men became the most popular style of underwear because of its cut and style which revolutionize the industry.

mens bikinis

5.Do you know?

41% men prefer wearing men's brief  (including the bikini cut brief), 7% are interested in boxers, and 32% goes for men's thongs, other variations, or nothing at all whereas 37% women go for bikini briefs, 23% are interested in briefs, 19% are inclined towards thongs, 17% prefer boyshorts and 4% prefer other underwear styles.

6.Do you know?

When it comes to men, only 10% prefer to wear boxers, while 25% like tight boxers, 40% are keen on slips and the rest probably doesn’t care and also when it's about changing the lingerie every day, 60% of Frenchmen change their lingerie daily.

7.Do you know?

During the 1990s, hip-hop artists made it in vogue for men to wear their jeans underneath their waists and demonstrating their boxers or briefs. This style, called "sagging," is said to have begun in jail when prison inmates had their belts evacuated because they may be utilized as a potential weapon. Different students of history accept this style began as an indication of accessibility among homosexual.
 mens g-string

8.Do you know?

New year's eve is not just about wearing fancy suits it's more than that. Italians prefer celebrating it by wearing red colored lingerie, Argentinean prefer wearing pink, and Brazilians prefer celebrating it in new pairs of men's underwear.

9.Do you know?

Women spend more than men on lingerie. According to research, women spend more than $31,000 on the luxury as compared to men who just spend $2,000 as lingerie for men is much cheaper than women.

10.Do you know?

Disney World used to made their representatives wear mutual clothing until 2001!

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