Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Posted on February 12 2017

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him | Good Devil
From the “I love you” notes to the sweet nothings, every man needs to be told that there’s someone who loves him with all the heart. Why is it that only women are the ones who should be on the receiving end and men on the giving one? Well, this time, let’s try to change things here by giving them something that they’ll appreciate and cherish.

Whether he’s a businessman or traveler or even a foodie, a small gift with a smile on your face would brighten his day. You can choose from the gift ideas mentioned below.


Whether he loves to travel the world or just likes to hang around with his necessities in check, a functional backpack with enough pockets and ample space to let him accommodate his things properly. Backpacks are not only functional but are also a source of accessory to your personality.

Gaming console

If you budget allows you to spend some money, you can gift him a gaming console to him. See if he wanted something like this for Christmas but couldn’t afford it in the hush-hush of the holiday. It’ll be a happy surprise for him to see something that he wanted but didn’t buy and you became the genie for him.

Insta photo camera

This is one thing I’ve always wanted (I hope my partner reads this and gets me one this Valentine)! The insta-cameras are the classic thing that gives you the photograph that very moment. Hence, you can click his expressions when he finds out what you’ve got for him and keep it as a treasured memory.

Hammock table

Don’t we all enjoy hammock lounging? Well, the icing on the cake would a table that would stay still even in the air holding all your snacks and drinks. Hence, a hammock table is what serves the purpose for him. With ropes attached to the table on all the four sides, the table can be hanged anywhere close to the hammock itself.

Virtual reality headset

This is probably the coolest gadget that he’ll get from you. It is very well in trend and he’ll be able to flaunt it among his friends. To be the coolest partner, this is a must-have choice.


Clubbed together these three accessories are what every man needs at some or the other point. Whether it is a collection of cufflinks, funny graphics socks or ties that he’ll go head over heels for, you can pick anything for him.

Men’s Underwear

Coming down to the sensuous option, men’s underwear is something specifically given on an occasion where you have something in your head. If you want to take your relationship to the next level or just have a night full of naughtiness and playfulness, this is what will provide him the courage to shed the shyness. Pick up anything that he’ll like from the sheer underwear to thongs or bikinis.

Which gift suits your mood? Do let us know in the comments below.


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