What are you missing in your Wardrobe?

Posted on May 04 2017

What are you missing in your Wardrobe?|What are you missing in your Wardrobe?|
Dressing to the nines is easy if you the right attire to compliment your personality and perfect ensemble with the same. Most men have far more clothes in their closet than they actually need. Yet, spending hours standing in front the wardrobe with cold feet is a usual sight. A truly fashionable gentleman dresses according to the occasion. You need not rebuild the entire wardrobe every time. Just fill up the missing gaps in your wardrobe and you’ll be perfectly ready for enduring style. The fact that fashion fades, but the style is eternal is the crux for staying bang on trend, no matter the event and occasions.

A timeless white shirt, polo t-shirt, blue jeans, a necktie are some of the things that you’ll find in every collection. However, there are certain must-have items that can provide the edge that your wardrobe is missing. Let’s get started with some of them.

Stripped shirt

Man in Stripped shirt

A shirt with horizontal or vertical stripe patterns is almost matchless. The sheer class and simplicity can blend with every personality. Easy to style and pull off, these shirts go well with both casual as well as formal occasion. Most of the guys express their style quotient with just solid colors, but stripes serve the right balance in stays conventional and going over-the-board. It is a staple piece for every individual's wardrobe.

Blue suit

Man in Blue suit

A black coat or the one with stripes are a usual sight in the wardrobe of every gentleman. Little is known about the fact that blue is a much versatile piece. In fact, blue is the only color that maintains it’s character in all its tone. No matter the occasion, this is one shade that will surely add to your alpha masculine personality. A navy blue blazer effortlessly spans the formality scale. So, get the timeless piece and become a deity of style.


Man with Scarves

This is the common notion that the options are limited when it comes to men’s accessories. The limited choice doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your fashion quotient. Whether you’re getting ready for the Monday morning client meeting or you’re heading for a wild bachelor’s party, an edgy scarf wrapped around your neck can rev up your entire look. The versatile accessories can exude a sense of sophistication and class in your everyday look.

Trouser with right length

Men's Trouser

Trousers are an obvious staple for your closet. You must be having all kinds of trousers in your collection. But are they of the right length? Well, this question is a bit tricky! The fit of the clothes that you wear makes the biggest impact in your personal style. What’s important to note is the inverse relationship between length and width. The length of the pants is a decision that should have less to do with fashion trends, and more to do with personal style and flattering your body type. The trouser cut should be long enough to sit just on the top of the shoes.

Erotic undergarment

Men's Thong Underwear

Dressing for the special intimate occasions is a bit tricky. The focus should be on spicing up the things and on turning up the heat. Get something that can tantalize your partner. Upgrade your wardrobe from the conventional styles of men’s underwear to the erotic ones such as men’s thong underwear. The luxury and erotic feel is what misses out from most of the closet. So, instead of toing and froing before every date night, get your styles of sexy undies and be ready to tease your partner.

Have you made up for the missing items in your wardrobe? What are your hacks for upgrading your style quotient? Share with us in the comment below.


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