Zoom into your personality with Good Devil Thong

Posted on October 30 2017

Zoom into your personality with Good Devil Thong
Do you know why the construction of your thong matters equally as the function? There are so many reasons for the same and you can find them here.

Why did I talk about this in a blog where I am supposed to review men’s thong underwear??

Because the men’s underwear style that I am going to talk about is a unique design with a construction that matters more than anything and it directly impacts the function of the pair. Among all the sexy and sensuous pieces available at Good Devil, the one that has been a constant favorite for the wearers is the Good Devil Zoom Thong.

Good Devil Zoom Thong Royal Blue

As you can see in the image, the model wears one of the colors available in the category (yes, the range of colors is quite wide), you’ll be delighted to see the options available. The solid colored sleek pouch underwear, Zoom thong covers the assets well and makes sure that your manhood sticks out in the pouch without compromising on the comfort. Well, the anatomical pouch is made to zooms out in order to provide extra room for the manhood. Not only this, once zoomed out, it contours to the manhood and comforts it.

The low rise fit with a fabric blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex adds the comforting feeling down there. Hence, the pair is a combination of a stunning fit and a fabulous feeling below the belt. Check out the colors at gooddevil.com.


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