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Thongs for Men

The thong underwear for men is by no far the best and most loved underwear collection by Good Devil. Being something that all men don’t talk about so comfortable yet fantasize, the brand makes sure to get the feeling and oomph factor inside you when you slip into the same. While some men find the style quite feminine and hence, abstain from the same, it was initially believed that the wearer will be compromising with the masculinity by wearing something that was meant for the ladies. However, the times have changed and so has the trends and thought processes. When you take a look at the collection, you’ll find that the support is an integral part of the same with exceptions being those which are intentionally made not to support.

Good Devil is a master brand when it comes to transforming the subtle sex appeal to something that is way too erotic and the thongs by the label are a clear example of the same.

The brand has come to this point where the name is enough for men to feel the sexiness flowing in the body. Slipping into the thongs is an altogether a different feeling which cannot be explained. The brand store is a one stop destination for all wild fantasies. The assortment features an array of thong underwear in varied colors, cuts, and patterns. The various styles of the inventory range from full frontal coverage to no coverage at all. They motivate you to feel sexy in your own skin, putting your treasure out there front and center.

What are the features offered by Good Devil thong underwear?

This style of men’s underwear offers all sort of functionality that you’ll probably look for in your undergarment. Listed below are some of the features offered by the same.


The intention of the pouches offered in this category are crystal clear and the products are made to keep a gentle hold on the manhood. The position of the shaft stays front & forward in a majority of the products whereas; there are those which are made to let your boy feel free.


Thongs are nothing but a matter of strings and straps with a tiny pouch that does what it needs to be done. The sexy style adds to the ventilation and keeps the male anatomy dry all day long.

Erotic Looks

If you are someone who looking for the ordinary, thongs by Good Devil are not meant for you. They are raunchy, hot and erotic by looks. Try them on and the sex appeal will shoot right out of the roof.


The fabric composition of the brand ensures comfort. The thongs by Good Devil aim at making men feel sexy about themselves in their own skin. Comfortable fabrics like Nylon, Polyamide, Polyester and even cotton make these men's underwear a must-have for your wardrobe. The blend of LYCRA spandex provides the much-needed stretch and flexibility.

What are the various styles of men's thong available at the brand store of Good Devil?

Listed below are some of the best selling styles of thongs.

Good Devil Mini Thong

The pouch of this underwear style is designed to lift, expose and compliment the guys. The barely-there underwear is all about strings that go around the manhood to keep the position of the same where it should be, creating a bulge in the pants. The rear feature a single string that starts at the center of the waistband on the rear and attaches to the ring on the front.

Good Devil Cage Thong

Let the criminal out. The skivvy style has a cage like a pouch that supports the anatomy but flaunts the crotch. The revealing patterns speak about your style and fashion sense.

Good Devil Mesh and Sheer Thong

The sheer options are the ones that are the icing on the cake. They reveal a lot more than you think whereas; mesh thongs are high on breathability but don’t offer anything when it comes to showing off some skin. The look and feel of the underwear can take your sex appeal to the next level. The flimsy fabric adds to the ventilation and reveals a lot more than expected. In case, you are looking for something that is even sexier and revealing, you can go for a sheer thong. The apparel barely covers anything down there but provides full support to the manhood.

Good Devil Pouch Thong

This style provides enhancement contraption to the front profile. Made from the soft stretchy fabric blend, it is one of the most functional underneath article available in the assortment. The anatomical pouch lifts the manhood and provides a visible bulge that accentuates the front profile of the wearer.

Good Devil Zoom Thong

The tiny underwear is comfortable and stretches around the body to give a snug fit. The pouch intends to cover and elongate with the shaft. For more excitement, the sheer collection of zoom thongs makes a greater impact.

Good Devil Ballz-out Thong

The Ballz-Out range is one of the most innovative collection by the brand. With a pouch that leaves your balls in the open, the shaft is well lifted. The open pouch allows your balls to hang out freely. The comfort is as unique as the style. The airy style is a perfect alternative if you are planning to go commando.

Good Devil Lace Thong

Tickle the feminine aspect of your personality with the lace thong of Good Devil. Lace underwear is considered as the feminine one but is often adopted for its pampering appeal. Gives the same sheer and delicate feeling on the skin with a more focus on the pouch.

If you have not tried it yet, now is the time. Shop from the exclusive range of the brand.

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