5 Facts about New Year

Posted on December 25 2016

5 Facts about New Year | Good Devil
People have been celebrating New Year for so many years and following certain traditions that their ancestors have passed on. However, little did they know about the day that is celebrated as the first day of the year.

If you are someone who has no clue about New Year, this blog lays out 5 facts about New Year that every man must know.

  1. It all started 4000 years back
    Did you know that it all started around 4000 years back when Julius Caesar announced January 1st as the National holiday? He named the day after the God of doors and gates Janus. Being two-faced (having eyes in the front as well as in the back), he preferred this to be the perfect name for the first day of the month because it lets you see the year was gone and the one coming.

  2. Leafy veggies are a must
    If the legends are to be believed, green leafy vegetables are must-have on the first day of the year. The veggies add to the prosperity and good health all through the year if the person intakes a good amount of spinach, broccoli, and anything that they like. Make sure it is green when you sit down for food.

  3. Red is the color for Italians
    Did you know that in Italy, red is the color of the men’s underwear styles? According to legends, the red colored piece of underclothing article brings good luck all through the year. Well, the decision is yours to choose from the men’s thongs or g-string underwear and a variety found on Good Devil.

  4. Sticking with the family
    Legends play an important role in re-living the holidays and their meanings. Another legend that goes around talks about a tradition that keeps you sticking with your family. It’s tradition to ring in New Year’s with family and friends because the first people you see will either give you good luck or bad luck. So make sure to keep friends close and goes very far away.

  5. About 48% people make resolutions
    You would have heard about all kinds of resolutions from I will loose weight this year to I will for sure quit smoking. If stats are to be believed, about half of the population make resolutions all over the world. In addition, only 10% of them are able to achieve their resolution. Funny, isn’t it?

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