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New Arrival Alert: Good Devil Ass Out Ring

Checkout our new arrived Good devil ass out ring with amazing qualities that gives you extremely sexy look.


Ever wondered what would happen if there’ll be no support in the back of a men’s underwear? Well, if this question would have popped up half a decade ago, we would have been stunned but that’s not the case anymore. With time, backless men’s hot underwear has come into the men’s underwear industry and made sure that men who don’t like a lot of fabric can have something for themselves. Introducing yet another erotic underwear for men that has been introduced recently by the sexy underwear brand, we have the

Characteristic features of the mens accessory

Men’s cock ring underwear by Good Devil, we have the Ass Out Ring for you all.


Good Devil underwear makes it clear with every new collection that there’s something more that can be done to make your underneath fashion sexier. With the bestseller collection being the skimpier styles like male thongs, g-string underwear for men, and men’s bikini underwear, there’s so much more to the brand that makes it what it is today.

 Good Devil GDU021 Ass Out Ring

Talking about the accessory or the bottomless underwear for men or even men’s cock ring underwear, you could clearly see how the model feels wearing it. The sheer underwear for men clearly shows off the cock ring, the bulge, and what you have below the belt in the most basic yet fetish way as possible. With a broad elastic waistband featuring the brand’s name, holds up everything in place. Next and the only other thing that you’d notice on the erotic underwear for men is the sheer pouch. The pouch underwear holds up everything in the right position for the visibility that you need inside the pants. With these two features in the cock ring underwear for men, you get everything that you’ve been looking for.


Check out the main features of the men’s cock ring underwear below.

  • The most erotic design for men who like to keep it to the point below the belt.
  • Supportive elastic waistband with a sheer underwear pouch to hold what you.
  • The pouch enhancing underwear with a cock ring to keep the blood flow restricted and provide a visible bulge.
  • Fabric composition: polyamide and spandex



Blue, Red, and White

Mens cock ring underwear

Shop the sexy underwear for men here - Good Devil GDU021 Ass Out Ring

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