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New Arrival Alert: Good Devil Prison Thong

Here in this blog you will know about our latest new arrived Good Devil Prison Thong and how it enhance your personality and uplift your look. Must read :

The new arrivals by Good Devil have been raising not only the eyebrows but also the temperature. We talked about the Ass jockstrap underwear for men in one of the earlier blogs that you can check out here. It is time that we introduce you to another new arrival men’s underwear style that Good Devil underwear has recently introduced to all its fans/customers.


Good Devil underwear has been one of the sexiest names in the male underwear industry that features a wide collection that boasts sexiness. It is a one of a kind men’s erotic underwear brand that brings forth sexiest styles with the optimum pouch options that will leave you imagining where to look for. With a collection of briefs, boxers, and others, the bestseller collection includes male thongs as well as g-string underwear.

Good Devil GDK042 Prison Thong

This new arrival alert blog will talk to you about the Prison thong underwear for men by Good Devil underwear. The men’s thongs by the men’s sexy underwear brand feature an audacious and sultry coverage. The manhood is imprisoned in solid fabric coverage with sheer fabric on one leg while the other has a striped-design. If you take a closer look at the front of the male thongs, you would be able to find a fabric combination that involves solid, sheer, and striped design. The pouch underwear features a front with shiny solid fabric that snug fits the manhood. The center seam on the pouch of the thongs for men adds in more comfort and room for the junk. Now, moving on, you would find sheer underwear fabric panel on the left that stretches from the pouch sides to the back (till one of the buttocks).

Coming down to the right leg, you would slip into a tri-striped design that leaves the skin bare and lets you show off what you have down there. The stripes of the men’s hot underwear run from the pouch sides to the left buttock, getting attached to a vertical string that gives a supportive fit in the back.



Black, Red, and White

Good Devil GDK042 Prison Thong

Take a look at the features of these male thongs by Good Devil underwear below.


  • Men’s thong underwearby Good Devil
  • Sexy and sultry design with a supportive fit
  • Solid and sheer underwear fabric design
  • Fabric composition: Polyamide and spandex


Shop the Good Devil Prison thong for men here - 

Good Devil GDK042 Prison Thong

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