Warning - These 4 mistakes will destroy your g-string underwear

Posted on September 12 2017

Warning - These 4 mistakes will destroy your g-string underwear
All the men’s underwear styles come with tags. Tags that make sure that the pairs will have a longer life span if you treat them well. From the most conventional briefs to the skimpiest c-string underwear, every style comes with terms and conditions which act as guidelines for the wearers. There are the certain things which need to be avoided in your skivvies or else, they’ll come to an end sooner than you think.

One of the highly affected pouch underwear is men’s g-string underwear. Fragile and delicate by the looks, with the wrong ways to handle the style, you would end up distorting the shape as well as the design of the same.

You might make these mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, the damage will be done in any case. However, if you are looking forward to understanding what are the possible mistakes, mentioned below are the ones.

1. The wrong purchase

You might think how would the wrong purchase the style? It is quite simply because when you pick the wrong one for yourself and find it not-too-useful, you will throw it in the drawer never to look back at it. Hence, it would rot there without you wearing it or even throwing it away. It would better for you pick the right size in the first place to make sure that it doesn’t stay there where it is.

2. The wrong way of washing it

Wear it, take it off, wash it in the machine and tumble dry. That’s what you do? If you just said yes, you need to stop right there. Your men’s underwear styles - be it thong underwear, briefs, bikinis or even lace underwear have done anything to face this. This is a clear indication that you haven’t done your home work well and have thrown the pieces to wear off in the machine with the harsh detergent. Read the tags and make sure you go according to the same.

3. The wrong reason to get rid of the pair

You have to be patient with g-strings. Yes, you do!! The style is not the ordinary one and hence, needs special care from your end as well if you really want it to provide the same love and patience for it. When you pick a bigger size, the comfort steps in but you also need to find time to let the string adjust in the back with a pouch sitting comfortably in the front.

4. The wrong time of wearing

G-strings are meant for special occasions. You cannot afford to wear them on a regular basis and spoil their charm. Wearing them regularly would not give you the feeling of allure but it would be that common feeling that you get when you slip into them.wear them when you want to entice your partner, wear them when you want to pamper yourself, wear them when you need confidence and other such reasons.

G-strings are meant for the daring personalities and with the dare, you also need to be caring for your skivvies. Avoid these mistakes and you would be able to keep them from destroying.


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