Good Devil C-String


C-String Underwear for Men

If you have ever experienced Good Devil Underwear, you’d know how it feels to have their sexy feeling within without trying too hard. The revolutionary label has been working 24*7 to provide the male population that oomph factor which is not only pleasurable but also functional by nature. Good Devil features an innovative and sexy range of men’s c-string underwear. Meant for men who can dare to wear something so sultry, sexy and revealing, the collection is very much supportive and has a purpose as well.

With nothing in the derriere, C-strings are made to fit close to you with a pouch that covers the shaft properly. If you’re still trying to understand, the shape of the apparel style is more like a headband going from the front to the back and nothing holding the waistline. Looking more like a headband, the briefest of fore tapers to a wire that tucks between your cheeks and, holds everything together. A C-string function as underwear, just without the straps on the sides and anything on the waist.

If you are thinking how will the style hold its place, you should know that it is a self-supportive undergarment that needs nothing but the grip to stay in place. This is one reason that c-strings are meant only for the body-hugging outfit types. By appearance, it is sexy on the front and has a thong back.

If you take a look at the collection, you’ll find numerous options in colours and prints to please your eyes. With lace, sheer and other fabrics, you would also have leopard print, solids and other varieties available.

Search for the different men's underwear styles available with us and prepare to zest up your life.