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5 sexual positions to enjoy with g-string underwear and lingerie accessories

Don't be afraid to show off your feelings in front of your loved ones. Check out these 5 sexual positions to enjoy with g-string underwear and lingerie accessories that gives you...

The way you have sexual intercourse does have a big impact on how quickly you orgasm and this is something that men don't realize. With the help of this blog, we will try to guide you to some of the best sexual positions which you can use to arouse your partner. When you wear g-string underwear, the essence of these sexual positions is enhanced.

Position 1: Cowgirl

Cowgirl position can be quite difficult for you, but there is no harm in giving it a try. In other words, this is a Lazy Sex Exhibit. In this position, all you have to do is just lie down and let your partner do the rest of the work. In this position, your partner is the charge of the sex session. 

Cowgirl is a position where giving up some control can help up. Furthermore, your partner gets complete control of the penetration as well as the stripping from you. One thing that your partner should keep in mind is the limit. He/she must know to limit your pleasure as well as focus on her pleasure. Now the pair of men's G-string which you can consider for this sexual position is Good Devil's GDL027 Uncensored G-string. 

Good Devil GDL027 Uncensored G-String

 Good Devil's GDL027 Uncensored G-string is right for this position because the pouch section comes with a big cut out due to which you don't have to remove it before the main moment. Second, the mesh fabric in it complements the style very well. 

Position 2: Spooning 

Spooning is the position in which both the partners lie on their sides and your front pressing against your partner's back like the spooning cuddle position. You be the bigger spoon and your partner, little one. 


Good Devil GDU017 Heavenly String

Good Devil GDU017 Heavenly String can is great for spooning because it does not cover your jewels. Along with a small pouch, in this accessory, you get the rings kind of designs that holds your jewels rightly. This style and the position together will help bring the orgasm.

Position 3: Side by Side

Side to side sexual position is similar to spooning. One thing that makes it different from spooning is, partners face each other. In case you are opting for side by side sexual position, then you must opt for Good Devil's Junk String. This is another sexy pair of men's g-string that can enhance the moment a little bit more. Designers have created the pouch area all with the strings so the exposure of your jewels would be higher naturally. 

Good Devil GDK043 Junk String

To get the strength of the strings, designers have used a broad waistband. This position is really helpful as both the partners control how deep they thrust. This results in a position that is active as well as passive for both partners. Speaking about the man, he can relinquishes some control that permits him to concentrate on sensations while limiting.

Position 4: The Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog or doggy style is one of the most famous sexual positions so if you are a beginner, you and your partner can give it a shot. In other words, this style is an "end-of-sex" thing as the man in control of the thrusting, depth as well as momentum on his side, things don't last for a longer period. 

 Good Devil GDU026 Ballsy Strap

If you want to let things go for a longer time with ease, try Good Devil's Ballsy strap. This fashion accessory looks great when you lie down in that dog style. Moreover, the straps enhance the look of your butt very well. Because Good Devil's Ballsy Strap is all about straps and rings, hence you can carry on with the moment as long as you want.

Position 5: Grinding Missionary

Another easiest sexual position which you can try is Grinding Missionary. This helps lose control of as you are doing all the thrusting as well as have access to deep penetration. 

Good Devil GDL032 Hustler G-String

I like Good Devil’s Hustler G-string underwear style a lot. As a person, whenever I look at my partner in the red dress, things get heated up naturally. This pair of g-string underwear for men comes with an outline of the pouch. Furthermore, the sheer fabric used in the style makes it sexier. Mens Underwear style gives you the pump up to show your inner feel. Lets try.

What are yours? Let us know in the comment section below.

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