Understanding the difference between a Jockstrap, Thong, and G-String

Posted on October 11 2017

Know Your Style
The majority of you might just say - “we know all the men’s underwear styles quite too well because we wear one. Why would we go ahead and read the blog anyway?” We would say - why not brush up your knowledge and you never know what might come across as something new to you.

We all the know the basic difference between jockstrap, thong, and g-string for men, but there’s a lot more to that basic aspect. Let’s get down to know those things that you aren’t aware of.


Originally introduced for the bicycle jockeys, it is men’s jockstrap underwear that probably has the broadest of fabrics among the three styles. With the pouch that is made as an enhancing underwear pouch, the other features include the undying support and sometimes protection also (while you play or gym). If you take a closer look, you’d find that the style has no fabric in the sides (consistent feature) whereas; the coverage in the front might vary depending on the purpose and the bands would stay sturdy to lift the butts for the better.

No fabric enhances the chances of breathability in the back while you play or hit the treadmill getting into shape for a fashionable quotient.


Most men are still confused about whether thong underwear for men is fashionable or functional. The truth is the style takes into account both the features quite aptly to make sure that your manhood feels stunning down there. With a wide variety of variants available, the discussion on the coverage is not worth it. FYI, you can pick a style for every personality type, every physique, and every taste. Talking about the conventional style, you’d find a pouch (just like jocks) and also no fabrics in the sides. What will amaze you in these is that leaving the leg bands, you have a thick strap (width varies) passing through the butt crack.

The fabric might or might not cover the crack but certainly, leaves the butts looking round and bare. The pouch is held together on all the three ends (two from the top and one between the legs) with strings or straps that go about and come together to the waistband.


Meant for the daring personalities, g-strings are not that different from the thongs because the style was branched out from the same. Hence, the construction is quite similar except that where thongs have more coverage, g-strings are literal strings holding the place together. The focus of the pair is in the pouch and all the creativity done by the brand is right there.

Where thongs are meant for a wide variety of purposes, g-string are crafted for luxury and romantic evenings.

Do you still have questions in your mind? We’ll help you out on the same.  Also, you can click here to know more about men's thong and men's G-string underwear.


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