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New Launch: Good Devil GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap

Are you looking for something sexy and hot in mens underwear style then you have to must check the New Launch of Good Devil GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap, read more details here:

The highlights of the Good Devil GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap

Good Devil's Backyard Jockstrap underwear for men is sexy and unique. Furthermore, the mesh fabric used in making this fabric enhances the entire look of the lingerie.

The mesh fabric used in the pouch area gives a nice glimpse of your manhood. Therefore, it's very essential to keep your private parts clean. Along with being sexy, it's a comfortable pair of lingerie. Further, the lightweight feature of the fabric makes you feel as if nothing is covering your private parts.


Good Devil GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap

About the brand

Good Devil is a revolutionary men's underwear brand that has established a new standard in the men's hot underwear sector. Men's seductive underwear with exotic designs has amassed a large fan base of men who enjoy their underwear in a revealing manner. Good Devil creates hot underwear for men that is utilitarian, practical, and ideal for special occasions.

Good Devil welcomes every daring personality and take their time in choosing the best mens hot underwear styles for themselves. Speaking about the men’s underwear styles available at Good Devil, you can spot wide range of mens thongs, men’s g-string underwear, bikinis, jockstraps and other sexy underwear styles for men. Good Devil even offers an outrageous as well as sensuous interpretation of classic styles of mens sexy underwear. The brand allows you to stay trendy and in fashion with their sheer briefs or barely-there thongs for men. With a new designer outlook, you can stick to your favorite mens hot underwear styles.

About the men's underwear

Good Devil's GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap underwear is sexy and groundbreaking. The way it has been designed and the fit it offers to the person wearing is outstanding and deserves appreciation. This sexy male lingerie has been designed out of mesh fabric which looks amazing on the skin. Furthermore, the mesh fabric in this jockstrap not only enhances the appearance of the lingerie but even enhances your physique.

Good Devil GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap

To give a nice hold or strength to your male jockstrap, designers have used rings. Designers have even twisted the width of your elastic straps. They are thin. Although this is a pair of male jockstraps, and jockstraps for men are ideal for exercising, however, this pair of male jockstraps is not at all suitable for workouts. It's better to save it for your special moments. You can wear it on occasions like sexual intercourse and roleplay. Good Devil's GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap underwear is available in colors like Red and Black. 

Not only Backyard Jockstrap is available in different sizes, but it is also available in different colors as well.

Speaking about the maintenance of this male jockstrap, you don’t need to wash it in washing machine and must keep it away from tumble drying. Avoid ironing and places where the sunlight exposure is too much.

Fabric Used


Colors available

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

Good Devil GDE049 Backyard Jockstrap


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge



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